About Us




Access To Education Is Our Mission

We aim to promote scholastic achievement and matriculation focusing on those most at risk.  Our boutique transportation services provide children access to schools with a variety of programs that motivate them, that meet their individual academic needs, and expose them to socioeconomic diversity.

Transportation Is Our Business

If you are a parent, business manager, superintendent or other decision maker evaluating transportation services for your children or school, School District Services allows you to direct full attention to quality educational programs - not pupil transportation. We offer a selection of transportation solutions, and are committed to safely and efficiently meeting your school bus transportation needs.  Our services are delivered by drivers, dispatchers, and maintenance technicians, who are caring members of your community whom you can trust.


 Transportation Services include:
  • Contract Transportation Services for Parents and Schools – The school bus is the safest and most efficient way to get to school.  Reduce your carbon footprint and put your students on our buses.  Say goodbye to all of your transportation headaches. Outsource with SDS and count on us for of school transportation needs
  • Management Services for School Districts – Transportation directors with the required expertise are a rare find.  With SDS your district will have access to some of the most innovative business professionals in the industry with knowledge and experience built on a record of safety and operational success.
  • Charter Bus Rentals/Trips – Contact SDS for all of your chartered transportation needs… order a bus for field trips, church trips, senior trips, family reunions, sporting events, summer camp, event shuttles and more.
  • Route Optimization Studies - With education budgets shrinking each school year, more is required with fewer resources. We can provide detailed business analysis that will improve your current transportation operations. We can also provide recommendations to reduce route times, trim routes, optimize your bus capacity, and save your district money.